Friday, December 7, 2012

Freedom Isn't Free

Seventy-one years ago today, December 8, 1941, only eighteen hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Imperial forces of Japan invaded the Philippines, which was an American colony at the time. For five months, badly outmanned, outgunned and outgeneralled the American and Filipino forces battled their invaders, their blood mixing together in the Filipino soil. Holding out as long as possible on Coreigdor Island at the mouth of Manila Bay, they were forced to surrender in May, 1942.

Two and a half years later, Allied Forces under the command General Douglas MacArthur stormed the beaches of the Philippines, linked up with Filipino guerilla fighters and once again spilled their blood in liberating the Philippines from the hated invader.

Freedom isn't free.

But as evil as political domination by the enemy was and as wonderful as liberation can be, there is among mankind a much deeper problem. Sin. Alienation from God that leads to alienation among humans. The remedy for this could only be made by God himself, who loved us enough to shed the blood of his own Son on the Cross. In him, there is true freedom. To understand this better feel free to drop me a line or, better yet, read the Bible. It will set you free.

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