Sunday, December 9, 2012

Family Ties

Thirty-seven years ago I left home to join the Navy--the first bird to permanently leave the nest. When I arrived home from basic training for my first furlough. my family gave me a hero's welcome and even wanted me to wear my dress uniform to church, regardless of the low rank revealed on my sleeve. Since then I have come and left again more times than I can count. While I always wanted to see my friends, early on I realized that most friends are in our lives for only a season. Few stay for a lifetime.

Not so with family although, even then, some things have changed over the years. My brothers married and started their own families. My mom has since gone to be with Lord and my dad later remarried. What has never changed, no matter how far the distance between us nor the fact that I no longer attend the church in the denomination of my parents, is that our family ties remain as close as ever.  And whenever Debbie and I do go home, they still give us a hero's welcome.

Morale of the story? Invest time with your family.

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