Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Juvy is With Jesus

Dear Friends,
Debbie and I are saddened to report that last Friday, Jesus whispered in the ear of Juvy Sumayao, our dear friend and pastor's wife for whom we have asked your help, and she went to be with him. We attended her beautiful funeral service in their church yesterday. Her husband and all three of her children, though heartbroken, took part in the service.
Today, we have received about $800.00 in cash and commitments to help with the medical expenses. Coupled with the funeral costs, the total bill around $5,500.00. Thank you so much for your love and help. We advanced some of the funds and brought them with us, and this meant a lot to the family. If you have not yet given and would like to do so, you can give through the ways I mentioned in my previous post or you can give through our website, http://www.daveanddebbiejohnson.com/. Again, please let us know by return email how much you will be giving so that we can watch for the funds.
Thank you for your continued prayers and gifts at this time.
On behalf of the Sumayao family,
Dave and Debbie Johnson
Assemblies of God Missionaries to the Philippines

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