Thursday, April 12, 2012

Emergency Medical Situation of a Dear Friend

Dear Precious Friends,
For about 20 days our former District Superintendent’s wife, Juvy, has been struggling for her life in the north part of the Bicol region where we live. Juvy entered a hospital before our recent district convention for surgery on a perforated gallbladder and a perforated intestine, but there were complications and the surgery was not successful. The family transferred her to another hospital where she might receive better treatment, but after a second surgery she is still in ICU. Yesterday we received word that the infections from the perforations are going down, and she no longer has a fever. 
Juvy's husband, Pastor Rudy Sumayao, was unable to attend our district council and, therefore, was unable to stand for reelection.  But his concern is for her.  We are still praying and trusting God for a full recovery.  What we are appealing to you for us both your prayers and for a love gift to pastor Rudy and his family.  He has asked us to help him raise money for a medical bill that has grown to over $4,700 and increases at the rate of about $300 per day.  This is an extremely big amount in a region where most families only earn about $850 a year or less. The family has used up all their money in the medical expenses so far, but we believe the Lord is going to take beautiful care of both Sister Juvy and the family.  If the Lord is putting it in your heart to be part of God’s loving care to this family, would you send any amount that is on your heart?  Here is what you can do ...
Email us at and tell us how much you are sending.
For those in the USA, please send your gift to
1445 Boonville Ave
Springfield MO 65802
designated for Dave and Debbie Johnson, missionaries to the Philippines, account 2256006
If you are in the Philippines and know the Sumayaos, please contact them directly. Otherwise, you can send it to Dave through SMART.  Dave's SMART cellphone number is (0921) 252-5794.
If you live somewhere other than the Philippines or the USA, please contact me by email, and we will figure out something!
Again, please contact me by email to let me know how much you are sending so that we can inform the Sumayaos of what to expect.
Thanks for considering this,
Dave and Debbie Johnson
Missionaries to the Bicol region of the Philippines

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