Monday, August 8, 2011

Update on Our Situation

Hello Friends,
As the days countdown to our August 31 deadline, I just wanted to let you know that we have received some more pledges and the need for monthly support now stands at around $860/per month.  If you can help us, please get a pledge form from, fill it out and send it in.
We did ask our mission leadership if they felt that we should stay longer to raise more funds, but they did not feel the Lord's leading that way and asked that the August 31 deadline that they had given us to remain in place, and we received their direction gladly.  We believe that divine order means submitting to godly leadership, so we are certain that it is God's time for us to return to the Philippines and trust him to bring in the remainder of the budget which, after all, is His problem because its His Kingdom!
We recently shipped over 500 pounds of personal effects to the Philippines and purchased our tickets to leave Grand Rapids on September 15 for Seattle to take care of some personal matters and spend time with Debbie's family before leaving for the Philippines on September 29.
We are looking forward to getting back to our labor of love for Jesus in our adopted homeland.
Remember that all giving should be channeled through your local church.
Again, if you have already informed us of your decision regarding support, please just take this as an appeal only for prayer.
May God give you his best today!
Dave and Debbie Johnson
Assemblies of God Missionaries to the Philippines

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you back here in the Philippines.