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March 2011 Newsletter

News From Dave and Debbie
March 2011

Dear Friends

Itineration Time has been flying since we returned to itineration last October.  We have been in Michigan most of the time, with other services in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, California, and Washington state.  Aside from services, we’ve been doing lunches and coffee with pastors and attending sectional and district meetings as the opportunities arise. 

One such opportunity was the annual minister’s conference in Michigan which, as usual, took place at the lovely Grand Traverse Resort in Acme, MI, near Traverse City.  The Holy Spirit blessed us with his presence in each of the services and fellowshipping with friends over food was wonderful.  The fitness center even had weight lifting equipment, so Dave was thrilled to have the opportunity to keep up his strength-building routine!   

In March we will focus on Michigan and northern Ohio.  We will join the sectional council tour in Michigan and expect to connect with many of you during that time. Thankfully, the Michigan district has condensed twelve sections into six meetings so we don’t have quite so many places to go as in the past, but it will still be a full schedule!  Our dear friend and former pastor, Wayne Benson, will be our speaker, and we are really looking forward to seeing him again.

On this itineration we have enjoyed quite a variety of formats, more than what we remember from the past. For example, in October, we participated in a sectional, round robin missions convention in northern Michigan. In addition to the preaching services, we spoke in a number of home groups.  In other places we have done preaching (Dave’s first love in ministry), Q and A, and missionary windows.  All have been fruitful, and we deeply appreciate these opportunities to share our passion for Jesus and Filipinos.

We still have a few openings for services and tons of personal appointment times available.  If you would like to schedule us for either a service or appointment, please call Dave right away at (616) 558-1889.  We hope to return to the field in June or July.
Budget Mountain We still need to raise thousands of dollars in cash for evangelistic outreaches and church planting, as well as about $2,000.00 in monthly pledges.  If you can help us, visit for a pledge form or to give online (one will be attached in the online edition of this newsletter).   You can also send your offerings to AGWM
1445 Boonville Ave. Springfield MO 65802
, designated for Dave and Debbie Johnson, account 225600.  If you are a member of an Assemblies of God church, please support us through giving to your church’s missions program.  We cannot leave for the field until these funds are raised.

Vision For The Next Term Over the last term, we were involved in evangelism, church planting, and Bible school and mission field leadership.  For the next four years, we intend to focus on evangelism and church planting—especially house churches.  We have received word that the house church planting movement that Debbie helped to start in Bicol is continuing to grow and needs our attention. We estimate that 50-100 house churches have been planted, and we expect the numbers to dramatically increase as the potential for growth is nearly unlimited!  We have been told that the movement has grown to the point that it may either explode or implode, and that we need to hurry back.  Obviously, we are praying for an explosion!  To God be the glory!

Writing God has laid it on Dave’s heart to do more writing in the areas of theology, missions, and spirituality.  His articles are available online at  When you visit his blogspot, you can receive automatic notifications of new posts by simply signing up to be a follower.  If you would like to be placed on mailing list and receive them directly, please contact Dave directly at 
Internet Connections We are pleased to offer more ways to connect.  You can now also reach us at:

Prayer Requests (Our urgent prayer requests are posted on Facebook)
1.  More of Jesus!
2.  Continued personal renewal.
3.  That God will minister to the needs of the members of Dave’s evangelistic team as they carry on the work.
4.  That God would raise up more prayer and financial partners in our work.

In His Grip,

Dave and Debbie Johnson

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